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Buying wall art is a tricky job. I find that if you go out searching for it, you never find what you’re after - instead, it’s that gallery or shop you come across when you visit a new town, or get lost in an unfamiliar place where you discover something you really love.

Having said that, my living room is the closest space to being actually decorated, and there was still nothing on the walls, so it was definitely time to go out looking. That’s why somewhere like Desenio is great, as it has so many prints to choose from in a really big range of styles - but at the same time, it has so many prints to choose from in a really big range of styles, so trying to decide where to start was the biggest challenge. It’s kind of like a low-intensity version of picking a tattoo, I guess, how do you decide what sort of image defines your style?


As my style of room is very neutral, the artwork is important to add that little extra depth in the way of pattern and sometimes even colour. Here’s what I picked for my living room, and where I’ve put them for now.

I prefer to let the negative space do the talking, so rather than opting for a gallery wall, I’ve picked two architecture prints for above the sofa. The Pink Architecture print I really loved - the pink has a real taupey-neutral tone to it so it doesn’t bowl over the rest of the room, but gives a nice highlight. I’ve teamed it up with the Staircase poster for now, but I might go back to Desenio for another similar sized frame for above here and move this elsewhere in time.

Photo 15-10-2018, 13 07 48 copy.jpg

In the corner, next to the window, I chose Three Lines in a white frame. This is a great piece for adding a bit of texture without drawing the eye too much, and fills this spot perfectly.


The last print I chose for the living room was Figuratone. Now, you don’t have to buy the frames that fit the prints from Desenio, and I had a spare large frame that needed filling, and helpfully you can search by size. This one fitted perfectly fortunately! The frame I had was originally copper, and as I have brass accents in this room, I wanted to change it, so I painted the frame with this taupe-y colour, which has come out pretty good I think.

So what do you think? How do you go about picking your wall art? And are you a gallery wall or strategically placed prints sort of person?

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