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When I have ever had to buy a sofa for a design client, I always tell them they need to go to a showroom and try it out, no matter how much of an inconvenience, because choosing a sofa style is one thing, but sitting on it is a complete different story.

So why when it came to our own sofa, did I not follow my own advice? Well, when we moved into the current house, it was January, freezing cold as the heating didn’t work properly, and we were sitting on a mattress on the floor in the living room. We also had absolutely no time to go properly sofa shopping, so we ordered a sofa we liked the look of from the internet.

Some eight weeks later, after progressing to garden furniture in the meantime, the sofa arrived. We eventually get it into the living room (our house does not lend itself well to big deliveries), and try it out for size…

It was kind of obvious that each of us didn’t find it comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the worst, but it wasn’t very deep (and Hugh has a very long body), the foam was quite firm, and it had low arms, which worked great in terms of keeping the space feeling open, but gave you nothing to really lean against.

Obviously, after months of both of us fidgeting on it, trying to get comfortable, it all came out in the wash, but of course by that time it was too late to do anything about it.

Now, I’m clearly talking about this sofa in the past tense, which means that yes, we’ve got a new sofa! The team at the newly christened John Lewis & Partners wanted a showcase for their new range of own brand upholstery, and after discussing our seating woes, we popped along to our local one (which I was sort of amazed to find was just over in Ipswich) to try out a few styles, learning from the previous mistake.

There’s a lot of really great, modern styles, which seem to stand out from the crowd - that’s coming from someone who spends almost all day looking at furniture online. I really loved this Frome chair from the Croft collection - super comfortable, and love the leather and wood tones together - but my real hero was the Cape sofa. So incredibly soft compared to the sofa we had been sitting on, and far deeper, with really deep back cushions too. We both really liked the curved sides to it, which you don’t really appreciate from front on, but mean that it’s got a comfy arm to lean against, but isn’t so blocky in the room.


It was quite a different style to the one we’d had before, which was more similar to the Harrogate (though again this version was much more comfortable), but given we had this second chance with our sofa, we felt like changing it up a bit.

While you can have the sofa made to order in one of many of John Lewis & Partner’s house fabrics, in certain fabrics you can get delivery within three working days - none of this 12 weeks malarkey for an off-the-shelf sofa that you get with some of the online retailers. Anyway, we loved the Mole Grey colour, and that quick delivery was just the cherry on top.


Clearly not the only one finding it comfortable.

John Lewis & Partners kindly gifted me a few cushions for the new sofa too - I’ve loved these designs from their collaboration with Patternity since I first saw them and they’re just a super cool take on a modern geometric.

So, anyway, I’m pretty chuffed with the new sofa, and forever a lesson learned, always try a sofa before you buy..

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