This post has been created in collaboration with Jessops


Family photographs may not be the first thing you see in every perfectly styled home in the interiors magazines, but they’re what help to give your home its soul and personality. Without any personal photos around the home, I do think a space is lacking in something.

However, making your own photos work as hard as the perfect piece of wall art does, for example, in an interiors scheme is more difficult. When you’re taking a photo, you’re thinking about capturing a moment after all, not how that will look in your home.

Jessops like to refer to the idea of how personal photos can work as part of a scheme as ‘photo feng shui’ and they asked me to share a few of my tips and tricks on how to bring together prints as part of your interior scheme - here’s my top five.

  1. Match photographs to your colour scheme - You wouldn’t pick cushions that don’t match your colour scheme, and the same should go for photographs. Be selective in what you choose for each room, and how they’re grouped together, choosing photographs with dominant colours that work cohesively with your scheme. 

  2. Play with colour - If there’s a key photograph you want to use but worry it doesn’t fit with your style, whether that’s a baby picture or a wedding snap, desaturating the image will help it to mix better with your other choices. Basic photo-editing apps on your phone and computer will be able to transform a photograph into black and white. 

  3. Be creative with printing - Whether putting your photographs on the wall or on a shelf, think of each frame as an individual piece of décor. Playing with the scale of your prints will keep the overall look more varied and interesting, so go beyond standard photograph sizes when printing and framing. Jessops can create canvases, stunning aluminum and acrylic prints as well as bespoke wood pannels using your favourite photographs.

  4. Create a conversation - The photographs you choose to display in your home should make a talking point whenever you have visitors, so consider this as to where you place them in your home. A downstairs bathroom, for example, is a great small space to use photographs to tell a story of your latest travel adventure.  

  5. Celebrate sentimental photographs - No matter what, pick images that you love and that mean something to you.


So that’s how I do it, how do you? Are you a big believer in personal photos in your home or not? Drop me a comment and let me know