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When we were doing the office makeover as part of Revamp Restyle Reveal, we chose an RBM Noor chair from Flokk, just because we knew that where the rug sat so close to the desk, an office chair on wheels was not going to work.

But, the lovely people at Flokk asked if I wanted to try one of their HÅG Capisco chairs anyway, and I’d heard some really good things about them from other bloggers, so I thought why not.

The HAG Capisco is definitely a more ergonomic chair, which I’ll be honest isn’t always my first thought on choosing things (I’m definitely more form over function), but it is actually really important to consider when I think about how long I spend sat at my desk a day. But also, the way the chair combines its ergonomic functions, like the arm rests on the chair back and the cut outs so you can sit backwards on it, it feels more part of the design aesthetic than it does a sacrifice for functionality. Flokk is a cool Scandi brand, and I think they bring it with these chairs.

P4090439 copy 2.jpg

Anyway, the reason I’m telling you about this is because Flokk have launched a new online competition where you can win a HÅG Capisco for yourself, but even better, you can design the fabric used on it so that its completely bespoke. You basically upload your print file, adjust it to fit the chair, and then publish your design on your Instagram with the #mycapisco hashtag and you’re all entered.

If you’re a designer, whether graphic or otherwise, I think this is such a cool idea to get involved with, because well first of all we all know not all offices are blessed with the best chairs as standard, and it’s another canvas to bring a bit of personality to your space.

However, to prove that anybody can get involved, I’ve had a crack at a design too, and I’m definitely no graphic designer!!

So my idea was to go with the old mix and match stripes I’ve been obsessed with for the past however long, especially as that meant that I only needed to draw straight lines to make my print. So here was my first design and how it looked when I uploaded it onto the Flokk online tool.

flokk design.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 21.01.37.png

So now I knew how the pieces of the pattern needed to fit together to make it work. If you were using a more regular repeat pattern, this would have been pretty easy, but my seemingly easy option was proving a bit more difficult.

So I expanded the design to be bigger and realised the key was to not do too long areas of either vertical or horizontal stripes as they looked odd when they ran across both the body and the arm of the chair.

Here’s what I ended up with… what do you think?


I think it looks pretty sick - and I bet no one else in the world would have an office chair like it.

If you fancy have a go at it yourself, find the tool online on the Flokk website. Give me a tag on IG if you do post one, I’d love to see and I’ll even go and give yours a cheeky vote up on the Flokk gallery ;)

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