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Royal Doulton - it's a name you'll no doubt know a little about when it comes to ceramics. The name may recall cute, chintzy tea sets and ornate china dolls, but in actual fact the historic, 200-year-old brand still produces contemporary tableware even today that wouldn't look out of place in even the most modern, stylish of home.

Recently Royal Doulton launched a new collection called Barber and Osgerby Olio, whch looks to the natural world for inspiration. It's a collection that's right up my alley, with small quantities of exposed stoneware which give the collection an earthy natural feel, which is just how I like my tableware.

The stoneware element just hints at the nature of the materials used that you sometimes forget when picking up a basic dinner plate or coffee mug, while still striking the right balance of something well-made with a sharp, crisp shape and expert finishing.

Tasked with a styling challenge, I wanted to show how this collection works as well for those who love the natural, subdued moody interiors look as those who like their homes a bit brighter. I opted for the white, which really gives you the best of both worlds, but the range is also available in grey with the exposed stoneware feature, and in black and brown without.

You can take a look at the full range of Barber and Osgerby Olio items here.

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