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Have we got any watch lovers in the crowd? I've been known to be into a killer timepiece in my, well, time, so I'm having a break from interiors on the blog today for a little style news. 

I've got something to show you that's so new, it's only just in existence! Say hello to the new watch design collection by Minute & Azimut

This cool London-based brand has created a collection that captures the best elements of retro, classic style with a design that's wearable and has a luxe feel - the most important trait of a watch that really finishes off your look. 

The collection is so new that in fact, you can't buy one off the shelf quite yet - the brand's Kickstarter kicks off on June 1st with your chance to back their concept and get some tasty wrist candy in the process. The team have been working on and refining the design of their watches since June last year, and as you can see, it's paid off. 

The first production samples are pretty handsome, I'm sure you'll agree. I'm into my gold when it comes to accessories, so I opted for this slick gold casing and and a dark brown leather strap. This watch definitely fills a gap in my collection for a more dressy timepiece. 

If you fancy getting your hands on one yourself, keep your eyes peeled for their Kickstarter on the 1st June, and go and give the campaign some support on Thunderclap to spread the word. 

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