The architect's plans for the client's master bedroom saw the end of the room sectioned off into a long, narrow en-suite - a challenging space for a bathroom design, especially considering this is the space the client wanted to be the most functional, used bathroom in the house. 

However, with wide, flush-to-wall doors leading in from the bedroom and no real need to close them for privacy, we could look at the space as an extension of the bedroom, rather than being confined within those four walls. Placing this beaut of a wall-hung vanity in front of the doorway meant that it would never feel claustrophobic while standing in this spot. However, this also meant the view from the bedroom into the en-suite needed to be streamlined, so we opted for this sleek cabinet sink and a full-length, de-misting mirror behind to make the space look bigger from the outside. 

Using dark tiles in such a small space helped it feel proportionate and, when you're in the shower space, they envelop you in your own little world. With no windows in this space, the LED light strip built into the corner is like a crack of daylight, really drawing out the depth of the tile finish. 

Grafton Square5965.jpg

You can find the details of the adjoining bedroom here

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