This post is created in collaboration with Earthborn Paints

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I’m not sure why I haven’t blogged about this already, but this year I’m working with Earthborn Paints as part of their ‘Claymate’ campaign.. like I said on my Instagram post, I think it’s a play on playmate but hopefully without the centrefold shoot!

Myself, and four other lovely bloggers, have been given the honour to become the first Claymates and we’ll be championing Earthborn’s Clay paint throughout the year. Mostly this comes down to us giving our homes a makeover using the paints - my first project is actually my bedroom makeover, which is well underway. I’m not sure which my next one will be though!

The other bloggers you need to be following are Soozi Danson from The Patterned Palace (@soozidanson), Kimberly Duran from Swoonworthy (@swoonworthyblog), Jess Hurrell from Gold is a Neutral (@gold_is_a_neutral) and Emma Jane Palin (@emmajanepalin) - I had the pleasure of meeting them all for breakfast already and they’re a real lovely bunch.

I’m possibly an unusual choice for a paint brand to work with, as I’m not the most colourful when it comes to my home, but I’m taking my time as a Claymate to showcase some of the ways I feel that you can get creative with neutrals and still create a scheme that has drama and impact.

Earthborn have also recently launched 6 new colours, including Flutterby, which will be the wall colour in my soon-to-be decorated bedroom. You can see the other colours here.

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