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Okay, so four weeks of revamping and restyling has flown by, so I guess all that’s left is the reveal! If you’ve come from the lovely Kat from Rock n Roll Bride, hello (and how beaut is Kat’s new snug), and if you haven’t then you best go check out her RRR makeover.

Photo 29-03-2019, 02 17 11.jpg

Just as a reminder of what I set out to achieve, here’s my RRR plans and a before shot of the room. Well technically, it’s a before shot from before we moved in, but it was just an empty room before we started, so this gives you a little more context of what’s changed. I think I was pretty close in what I’ve come up with to what I’d planned actually! So here it is, my new home office/guest bedroom.

Photo 01-04-2019, 12 48 04 (2).jpg

Okay, so let’s start with the wall colours. It was a bluey-grey in here before, so we started with a fresh coat of Architect’s White from Zoffany. The floor and skirting is an slightly warmer contrast - Warm White eggshell also from Zoffany.

Onto the desk area - this is what a lot of the graft in the room went into. I designed the desk concept, but got my carpenter step-dad to whip it up in his workshop, which was a big help. It’s plywood, which has been mitred on a lot of edges, so there’s not so much of the exposed core, and then stained with a white tinted oil to mellow it out a bit.

The ridged backboard and shelf we did ourselves however, and I think it’s turned out great. It just helps give a little texture to the room, without being too bold a feature, and it’s nice to not stare at a blank wall! This was made from MDF so needed painting, and I took a punt on Smoked Pearl from Zoffany Paints which is one of m new favourite warm neutral colours for sure.

Photo 01-04-2019, 15 34 18.jpg

I wanted a sculptural table light to sit in front of the backboard, and opted for the Curvilinear mid-century lamp from West Elm - when I opened the box and saw how big it was, I was a little worried, but it actually looks perfect and takes up just the right amount of desk space.

The chair is from Flokk - it’s the RBM Noor and it’s a chair that you can customise with a choice of shell colours, fabrics and legs. I went for a simple grey, as I think you need grey tones in a warm neutral scheme as an anchor. This definitely doesn’t feel too officey - and is comfortable too, which is a win! The guys at Flokk also sent me a Capisco chair to try, which is by far the most comfortable office chair I’ve tried, but I haven’t tried it in this room yet.


Sonos were another sponsor of RRR, so my new One smart speaker has pride of place on the desk. I’ve spent a little more time playing with the functions now that we have two speakers. You can stream from your phone or favourite music platform, but you can also link to Youtube, which is my preferred way for some reason. Also, having two of these in the house now means we can make use of the Alexa’s Announcement feature, which is, no lie, a life-changer to discover. We’ve been shouting abuse at each other from different rooms through it, we’ve been ordering cups of tea from whoever is in the kitchen.. all very essential, important stuff.


The desk space and the little shelves along the top of the backboard gave plenty of space for little accessories and some samples I like to keep at hand for work. I loved this little bulb vase from West Elm at first sight, and even though I didn’t have time to find art for this antique bronze frame from West Elm, I thought the placeholder picture was pretty nice for now, right?


In hindsight, I probably should have made the alcove shelf a little wider to fit magazines on the other way around, but they still look pretty good, especially with this petrified wood bookend from West Elm too.


Dobbies were also a sponsor for RRR season three, which meant I headed off to my local store to get lovely green things (among other stuff) for the room. I found this lovely string of hears, with a matching pot, as well as the fiddle leaf fig and planter on the desk - both notoriously tricky to keep alive, but I’m going to try my best!

Photo 01-04-2019, 12 52 04 (1).jpg

Okay, on to the fireplace of doom. If you look up at the before shot, you’ll remember someone had RIPPED OUT THE ORIGINAL FIREPLACE AND PUT DRAWERS IN IT.. WTF RIGHT? So weird. But anyways, this was the first bit I got for RRR, a bargain find from eBay, but it was the last thing to go in. Reasons why.. 100 layers of paint, couldn’t find anyone who would get it dipped in time, and then, once we finally got it back to its bare bones, I dropped the mantel and it broke in half. Just a nightmare. The one consequence was that we didn’t have time or the skill to put down the lovely polished concrete field tiles from Ca’Pietra on the hearth. Soon though!

Photo 02-04-2019, 08 16 33.jpg

The window seat/ built in cupboard was made much in the same way as the desk. Super simple, but just finished with some brass handles and a quick upholstered top. For this I used Scion Plains Nine in Pearl from Style Library, and the cushion is Harlequin Polka in Pebble Charcoal. Another frame from West Elm and then my lovely new roman blind from The Blind Shop. I chose the new herringbone fabric for the blind in a colourway called Mountain. It’s a total beaut and also has an antiqued gold finish chain which is a nice touch too!

P4010506.JPG treated all the RRR bloggers to this Dyson Hot & Cool Air Purifier, and it’s safe to say they came very in handy. We were a week or so without radiators upstairs (our bedroom one needed to be sorted out too), so the heat function was very helpful!! Also, with all this paint flying about, it was good to have a track on the air quality, and help to clean out any nasty odours lingering in the air.

Photo 01-04-2019, 13 10 10 (1).jpg

I love this little corner of the room. The Curvilinear mid century wall light from West Elm matches the desk lamp, and super bonus it didn’t need to be put in by an electrician. It’s got a clear cable, but we’ve got a big fern from Dobbies to cover it up, which works a treat. Dobbies also has some really nice little interiors touches, and this candle is from there, as is the reed diffuser on the shelf.

This Cube C side table from West Elm has been in like every interiors magazine, and I knew I would force it into whatever room I did for RRR regardless of the style!! Luckily, it goes quite nicely in this little corner spot.


The lovely rug is also from West Elm, as part of the Pamela Wiley collection . I loved the unusual patchwork element, and the mix of creams, blacks and greys is perfect for this room I think.


David Hunt Lighting has some pretty spectacular designs, but I wanted something simple and sleek for in here. The Ealing Pendant in Country Cream has a sort of traditional vibe, but I just love the colours. The ‘cream’ colour is almost a perfect match for my new Smoked Pearl favourite, and the burnished copper/brass inside gives a nice glow when it’s on in the evenings.

Photo 02-04-2019, 08 21 26.jpg

Last, but not least, the new Colosseum radiator from has really elevated the look in here. So much nicer than the one that was in here before. It may not be your first thought when making over a room to change the radiators, but I promise you, it’s so transformative of the overall feel. Same goes for the Chrome radiator valves, and I always like to change light switches and plug switches if I can from the basics!

So that’s my new office space! I got to tell you, it feels so good to have a calm, dedicated space to work in now. It feels really fresh and relaxing in here, and the best sign of a room well done is that I’ve actually spent a whole day in here editing video and writing this blog, and I haven’t been sick of the sight of it!

So that’s it for Revamp Restyle Reveal for Season three from me!

Big thanks to Lisa and Bianca for arranging this challenge, and of course the sponsors who worked with us on all this lovely stuff you’ve just seen.

Here they are again:

West Elm

Style Library





David Hunt Lighting

The Blind Shop

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So that's it! As always, drop me a comment and let me know what you think and link me to any of your own room makeovers - I'd love to have a look!

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