Though we were in the new house by the end of last year, only just. I think we got the keys on the 22nd December, so not really time for decorating - so for all intents and purposes, this is the first Christmas here!

This year, I’ve been working with Dobbies Garden Centres on my Christmas scheme, having been impressed with their collections after seeing it at the Christmas in July events earlier in the year. I particularly loved how they presented their collection as a mix of decorations and live plant decorations - take a look at this amazing deer that their stylist created for the event covered in succulents.

Photo 12-07-2018, 15 48 11.jpg

This, along with the decorations from their Enchanted Forest Christmas trend, were the inspiration for this year’s look.

First up the tree - I wanted a real one this year, but was very keen to choose the right one - the shape of something like a Nordmann tree is great for some people, but I wanted something taller and more narrow. Fraser firs are my go-to for a real tree that has those perfect proportions of an artificial tree. I also picked up a base from Dobbies which supports the tree, straightens it out and also has a water level measure on it - super handy, and something you can keep year after year.

Photo 21-12-2018, 10 42 04 (2).jpg

For baubles, I chose some green glass beauties from Dobbies Enchanted Forest collection - I love the look of green on green - it’s a more subtle look, but really let’s the textures and finishes of the decorations stand out. I added some golds and matt brown baubles as an accent too.


The topper is a wire deer head, which we bought last year and was meant to go on the wall, but inspired by the Dobbies Christmas show and that deer (plus the fact we had some reindeer moss left over from the Dobbies’ succulent wreath).


Around the base of the tree, I used sheets of moss, inspired by a shoot I’d seen in Living ETC last year. The house tea light holders were something I already had, but I picked up these little mushroom decorations attached to wire from Dobbies, which were perfect to poke through the moss. I gave them a little makeover to make them a little more befitting to the scheme.

Photo 21-12-2018, 10 42 04.jpg

The scheme continues over to the fireplace, which I’ve given the same treatment. This is the first year I’ve ever had a fireplace to dress, so I wanted to completely change it up and have gone for a mix of glass vases for the top.


I didn’t get the chimney swept in time this year, so no fires, but pretty cosy nonetheless.

Let me know what you think, and Merry Christmas!

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