This post was created in collaboration with Dobbies Garden Centres


So in July each year, the Christmas showcase events start, and this year I got invited along to see what the team at Dobbies had produced for Christmas this year. Long story short, lots of good stuff, but I was particularly taken by a tutorial they’d created for a ‘living wreath’.

With a stylist, they’d created a few samples, one with normal succulents which was for use indoors, and one with something called alpine plants, which look like succulents, but are fine to keep outside.

Having worked with them on my living plant wall, we thought we’d team up again and I’d have a go at making one myself. It was actually a lot easier than I thought it’d be, and if you plan out your placing beforehand, it’s hard to get wrong and make a mess of. I really like the end result as it doesn’t feel too kitsch, but you can dress it up with all kinds of Christmassy bits if you want it to scream festive a little bit more!

To follow the tutorial yourself, I’ve made a Youtube video, so give it a go by watching below and drop me a comment to let me know what you think.

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