The next room I'm tackling in the house is our bedroom - the living room isn't completely finished yet, but as I'm still stuck on what to do with the floor, I'm moving on for now. 

I'm going to work on a little moodboard post for the master bedroom, but as I'm looking for wallpapers at the moment, I thought I'd share some of my favourite finds. 

I've never really gone for wallpapers before, but as we're planning for a mostly neutral backdrop for the house, I'm feeling some larger scale pattern will really help to add to the variety. 

Criteria we're looking at for wallpapers are as follows:

I'm probably going to go for a white wallpaper with a black/grey pattern, as this room is so nice and light anyway, and I want to preserve that. 

The feature wall isn't in vogue at the moment, so we're doing all the walls, which means I have to be a little bit more sensible with my choice price-wise. 

Paste the wall
I'm DIYing it, so looking for the easiest option possible. I have put up wallpaper before, but it's not the most enjoyable job. 

Okay, so that's the criteria, let's get started. 



This is definitely my dream wallpaper. It's got an irregularly long repeat, so you can make up your own pattern, you don't have to pattern match, so it's easy and no wastage. And it's paste the wall. However, Kallio by Sandberg doesn't do me any favours on the price category. It's £213 per roll, so we're looking at a good £1800 for the full room, if my maths is correct. But I couldn't not show it to you. 

They do have some more budget friendly offerings however, and I love Vatten also. It's a much cooler, more casual polka dot with a watercolour twist, and is £65 per roll. 



I'd felt for a long time that geometric wallpapers were a bit, you know, last year - but then, who cares - if you like it, you like it right? Plus, Geo, by Kelly Hoppen for Graham & Brown, has this irregular repeat vibe going on, which seems to be where all the cool geometric patterns are at right now. It's also £25 per roll, which is a steal. 

I also spotted this wallpaper in this new shot for Furniture Village for autumn winter, and it definitely speaks to me. I'm on a bit of a kick with off-whites and taupes mixed with whites, and this skirting colour definitely gives the wallpaper a more grown up look. 

PS. If I can get my floorboards looking this colour, I'll be very happy. 

Lennon Console Table, £249; Vienna Triple Trapeze, £199; Oriel Mirror, £99; Time To Reflect Rug, £249; Walker Dining Table, £599, Walker Dining Bench, £279, Walker Dining Chairs, £319.jpg


Have you ever considered a wall mural? They seem like a bit of a faff to put up, and I've seen a lot of them I'm not convinced by, but I kind of stopped in my tracks at this Raindrops mural by Tamara Piilola on Feathr. Feathr has got to have some of the best, well-curated murals out there, so if you haven't had a look on there yet, head on over.  This one's £45 per sq m, so not a cheap one, but worth considering for a smaller space. 


I love this painterly take on a tropical print, but what I love even more is the little dashes of colour cutting through. This one is obviously not monochrome, but there is a version I really love which is desaturated with a few blue streaks through. 



A little similar to the first Sandberg wallpaper, this 50/50 split, horizontal Stripe H can be aligned how ever you like to change up the effect. I love the idea, and the price is much more in the realms I'm looking at, but this thickness of stripe may be a little intense for all around the bedroom. It's a good price at £27 per roll. 


Got any monochrome favourites that didn't make my list? Leave me a comment and a link below and I'll check them out. 

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