I love Halloween - usually we throw a big party every year as its near the OH’s birthday, and go all out with the decorations, but it wasn’t to be this year. Also, when we moved, we ran out of space in the car on the final run, and had to ditch the box of decorations, which while annoying, was a good excuse to say goodbye to the plastic severed hands and floating ghosts.

This year, I’m adulting, so I decided to do a little grown-up dining scheme instead without a drop of fake blood in sight.

I like the idea of having some linen for the table, which isn’t the sort of thing I’d use all the time, but to mix it up now and again. This anthracite linen tablecloth is from H&M, as are the amber drinking glasses and carafe, which are new and I really love, and the black dinner candles, which delivering on the goth vibes.


Of course, you can’t do Halloween without the mini pumpkins, which I picked up from the local pumpkin patch, with a couple extras added in from Aldi. I also borrowed a couple of sheep skulls from our friendly neighbourhood occult enthusiast - thanks Sophie!

So what do you think? Now just a question of what to serve for dinner..

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