Our bedroom is my favourite room in the house. It’s south-facing and gets really nice, warm light and has a great feel about it. I haven’t, however, decorated it all since we’ve moved in, which is just over a year now, apart from when I stripped the plaster an exposed the brick on the fireplace. All in all, it’s well overdue for such an easy room to re-decorate.


Having said that, there are some problem areas to deal with. The main storage is a small built-in wardrobe, for example, and one of the windows sits flush against the wall, meaning we need to get slightly creative with window treatments. I’ve been planning it in my head for a little while, but as I’m hoping to get this project done throughout January, I thought I’d better start putting pen to paper.

Here’s the to-do list as it stands:

Sand and re-treat floor (I can tick this off the list now!)
Put up coving and ceiling rose
Replace skirting boards
Sand back door, re-paint and replace glass
Replace radiator
Take out cupboard door, take wall up to ceiling and re-fit wardrobe interiors
Add bedside wall lights
Re-upholster bed
Change ceiling light
Repaint walls, woodwork and windows
Add in new furniture

….So a fair bit to crack on with!

I’ll be blogging about the separate elements of the bedroom scheme, but I thought I’d just share my moodboard, design sketches and floor plan for now. This is the same sort of documents I provide for an interior design client to help them visualise a space and help a design keep on track, so it’s a great resource to have for myself too.

bedroom makeover a.jpg
bedroom makeover b.jpg

While I’ve narrowed down a lot of fabrics and paints to ensure they all go together, I’m still working on finding all the fixtures and furniture, so these sketches just give rough outlines of colours and placements for items such as bedside tables and lamps.

I’m also working with Earthborn paints this year as part of their Claymates campaign, so I’ll be using their Claypaint throughout the room. Take a look at my mood board below, but I’ll be talking about the colours I’m using in another post.

Photo 15-01-2019, 13 45 26 (1) copy.jpg

The floors are now sanded, and I’ll be cracking on with everything else over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for some more in-detail blogs soon and drop a comment to tell me what you think of the planned makeover!

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