As part of my master bedroom makeover, I knew I wanted to re-upholster our bed. It’s a good budget bed - this one from Happy Beds in fact - but it’s a little basic. By reupholstering it, I thought I could make it a little more exciting.

My inspiration for this little DIY was this chair from Anthropologie. I love the way the stripes intersect each other, as well as the balance between the two colours. I’ve come to realise that I really love monochrome when it’s not an exact 50/50 split. Stripes of different widths is a little bit more subtle, while going for something a little off-white softens the look a bit too.


The plan was to take two different fabrics and patch them together, but could I find two monochrome stripes of different sizes anywhere? Absolutely not. What I did find however was a tablecloth in H&M Home which already had these varied stripes within it. This actually made the whole thing a whole lot easier, and I didn’t have to sew a single thing in order to re-upholster the bed - just a trusty staple gun.

After I took the bed apart, it was time to start planning the layout. Headboard was most important, so I focused their first while I had the most bits of whole table cloth. This is what I decided on..

Not looking too inspiring at the moment..

Not looking too inspiring at the moment..

The process itself was pretty easy. I didn’t bother taking the existing fabric off, because I might want to strip it back one day. All I really needed to do was staple into the wooden frame underneath the fabric, making sure that the lines stayed straight and there were no ripples in the fabric.

Photo 20-01-2019, 15 33 31.jpg

The corners were the most tricky bits, trying to get a neat fold but also making sure the pattern looked good. After some fiddling, the results were pretty good though.

Photo 20-01-2019, 16 07 25.jpg

I tried to keep the back as neat as possible, but as it’s against the wall it doesn’t really matter. Once I’d done both sides, it looked like this - much better than before!

Photo 20-01-2019, 16 55 19.jpg

The footboard and sides were a lot easier. The footboard we did with one length of the fabric, and the sides we pieced together from scraps.

Photo 20-01-2019, 17 28 51.jpg

Once the bed was back together, this was the result! What do you think? Of course, the room is a bit of a wreck at the moment with the ongoing makeover, but I’ll update this post with some of the finished room pictures later down the line.

Photo 20-01-2019, 19 59 57.jpg

All in all I think we spent about £45 on the tablecloths, which is pretty good for the yardage we got from it, and the bed has a little bit more to it now! Can't wait to show you what it looks like in the final scheme.

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